Transforming corporate cultures to improve collective well-being.

Transforming an existing corporate culture to improve collective well-being and consciousness requires a systemic and comprehensive process to understand competing forces and natural levers. We help organizations clarify their intent and path forward through exploration, prototyping and scaling when deemed appropriate.

Healthy Minds
In Healthy Organizations

Key Drivers

Self-leadership, psychological safety and well-being must be an ongoing business priority, embedded in the ways of thinking and doing, regularly measured and continuously improved. As shown in the following diagram, we focus on three key drivers for organizational well-being and healthy performance . We rely on their interdependence and cumulative effect to maximize positive impact. When applied to leadership roles, these drivers serve as a compass for decisions and actions. Furthermore, they create a psychologically safe working environment. We view self-leadership and well-being as scalable capabilities applicable to individuals, teams, organizations and communities. 

Organizational Well-Being Alignment

We focus on shifting individual mindsets and behaviors, while adapting systems, rituals, and practices to optimally engage people. Our management consultants guide you through your change process, whether incremental or transformational. We help you clarify your intent, the path to realize it and support you as needed.



Map current state, agree on the need to improve well-being and desired scope of the change.



Plan, organize and launch prototype projects and teams tom engage key stakeholders.



Gather more information and “hear the voice” of employees/leaders to gain clarity and flesh out initial constructs.



Measure well-being, establish progress and confirm bottom-line.



Plan and organize efforts to develop and implement targeted changes



Operationalize the high level vision, find innovative solutions to close the gaps between As Is and To Be and align the organization.