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Psychological Safety – A Foundational Aspect of Healthy Performance

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High-performing teams require a supportive psychologically-safe work environment.

Discover how you can cultivate one.


Psycological Safety: A foundational Aspect of Health Performance


Week 1:

What does a psychologically-safe environment feel like?

Week 2:

What are the neurological and psychological foundations of psychological safety?

Week 3:

What is required for psychological safety to thrive in teams and organisations?

Week 4:

How to improve psychological safety within yourself and for those around you?


November 8 2023


8:15 am - 8:55am


Experience. Elevate. Evolve.



Is psychological safety just a trend or a foundational aspect of healthy performance? At Mindsmatter, we believe the latter.

When there is a lack of psychological safety in the workplace, employee creativity, engagement and performance greatly suffer.

The concept of psychological safety, popularized by Harvard professor Amy Edmondson, refers to when individuals feel safe to take interpersonal risks, such as speaking up, sharing their ideas, asking questions or challenging the status quo, and making mistakes without fear of negative consequences. Some of the characteristics of psychological safety include:

    • Connection & Inclusion
    • Trust & Respect
    • Honest & Compassionate communication
    • Non-judgment & a Growth Mindset
    • Teamwork and Collaboration

Studies are increasingly demonstrating the benefits of psychological safety in the workplace, including:

    • better performance
    • improved innovation and problem-solving
    • effective teamwork
    • higher job satisfaction
    • reduced turnover


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This month, we will explore “Psychological Safety: A Foundational Aspect of Healthy Performance” under the guidance of Carl Lemieux, a workplace psychologist and expert in leadership and organizational transformation.

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Psychological Safety – A Foundational Aspect of Healthy Performance