Following the recent acquisition of Mindspace by Numinus, Carl Lemieux, the former co-owner of Mindspace, sought the help of his team to carve out the corporate offering to create the Mindsmatter brand. Mindsmatter focuses on supporting healthier, more conscious, and sustainable organizations, in turbulent times or beyond.

I hope you can enrich your conversation on expanding human potential within your organization, to build a healthier and more sustainable future for all.”  – Evelyne Bouchard, Learning Solutions Lead at Mindsmatter

These evidence-based approaches act as a catalyst to align individual purpose with organizational goals while fostering well-being, increased engagement, and healthy performance.

Mindsmatter focuses on three main services: leadership programs with a focus on mindfulness, transformation consulting, and executive coaching.

At Mindsmatter we believe that performance and well-being go hand in hand. We believe that organizations thrive when their individuals feel psychologically safe, and are equipped to cultivate presence, clarity, focus, purpose, and compassion.” – Carl Lemieux, Founder and Managing Director at Mindsmatter

With its comprehensive set of learning strategies, Mindsmatter helps develop, in both leaders and their teams, the qualities that promote sustainable change towards a life of ease and meaningfulness. Mindsmatter’s workshops and programs support leaders in their creation of environments where individuals can unleash their full potential in a healthy performance context.

A mindful world where organizations constitute a healthy and expansive place for all, with a culture that genuinely cares about humans and values them.” – Mindsmatter’s vision, as expressed by its team

There will be more on these exciting workshops and programs soon. If you cannot wait, feel free to watch the last Breakfast-and-Learn with Michael Bunting.

The conversation covers the following:

  • What is workplace mindfulness and how does it apply to leadership?
  • What are you doing differently today, after so many years of experience implementing mindfulness in the workplace?
  • What is the future of mindfulness in the workplace?