Our evidence-based interventions focus on guiding individuals towards higher levels of self-awareness, personal and professional growth and healthy performance. They are delivered by highly qualified experts, covering a wide range of topics relevant to today’s challenges.

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New Year’s Resolutions: Myths and Realities

Understanding the reasons behind your new year’s resolutions is more important than making the actual list. This workshop explores how the mind works and how habits are formed to help you make lasting change in your life.

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Introduction to Mind Training

During mind training, employees and leaders develop their ability to observe their cognitive patterns and emotional world and the coupled impacts on their behaviour. From there, they can cultivate the regulation needed to catalyze their highest potential.

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Digital Wellbeing

As technologies become ever more proficient at hooking our attention, many of us are starting to realize that we are more and more mindlessly consuming an increasing amount of content, and are left feeling more anxious, addicted, distracted and time crunched. How can we regain mastery over how we want to spend our time, and ultimately, our lives?

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Principles of Optimum Health

This comprehensive course addresses physical fitness, vitality, mental clarity and emotional resilience, all components of optimum health. It combines ancient wisdom with modern medical research and lifestyle improvement techniques to bring the practice into a context that is relevant to our times and your life.

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Cultivating Joy: Wellness in the Workplace

When joy comes to work, everyone benefits! It’s a fact: a happy employee is more engaged, productive, and fulfilled. This wellness program is rooted in mental health studies conducted in organizations.

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Psychological Safety

Time and time again, psychological safety is identified as a vital factor for both team performance and individual wellbeing.

This 90-minute interactive workshop will teach pragmatic tools for cultivating cultures of psychological safety.

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