Foundations of healthy performance

The Four Pillars

In response, organizations are shifting from adding yet more knowledge, or horizontal competencies, to vertical ones by developing self-awareness and self-leadership to support healthy performance in unpredictable environments.

By managing our increasingly busy minds, rediscovering our sense of purpose, improving the quality of decision-making and developing more effective collaboration, individuals and organizations alike evolve towards a better world.


Stabilize your mind

Self-awareness is key to shift our unconscious mind and reactions to deliberate, meaningful, and value-based responses. Through practice, we learn that we are not our thoughts and they don't need to define us in all circumstances. This skill set is called presence or mindfulness.


Emotional regulation through acceptance

Our mind and body seek out protection and comfort over meaningful lives. Only through acknowledging the presence of fears, limiting beliefs and developing self-compassion can we slowly tame their impact to best focus on our internal compass.​


Act with intention

If we do not give direction to our thoughts and actions, we can naturally end up repeating undesired behavioural patterns. The articulation of our inner compass therefore becomes essential to provide our mind with a noble path forward.


Connecting with others

We can achieve all of the first three pillars, but connecting to others is a crucial element to create a safe environment to flourish. This can be cultivated by simple things such as mindful listening, empathy, compassion, generosity, and gratitude.

Development Programs

Our distinctive approach to developing self leadership, or vertical competencies, allows human beings to significantly strengthen their ability to best respond to complexity and uncertainty.

Case Studies