The App as a Stand-Alone

Current Challenge

Busier schedules challenge learners’ ability to practise, integrate, and apply new lessons. Too often, the skills taught in executive development workshops, courses, or degrees do not directly lead participants to the skills needed in the complex realities of real life in modern organizations.

Awakened Mind

The Awakened Mind mobile application is a support tool to assist with individual mental well-being and team development. The application offers a variety of evidence-based educational and practical content, such as guided mindfulness meditations, self-paced courses on topics such as sleep, mindfulness, mindful leadership, and more, as well as neurosync technology, containing an advanced Brainwave Entrainment Audio Technology*. 


*Brainwave entrainment is the process of using audio and or visual stimulation to change your brainwave patterns to alter states of mind to recreate certain brain states, such as productive focus, relaxation, or sleep). It was designed with results in mind, and all programs encourage regular practice and integrate with the app’s feedback tool to drive accountability. 

The application was designed with results in mind, and all programs encourage regular practice and integrate with the app’s feedback tool to drive accountability. Additionally, learners will continue to have access to the Awakened Mind app even once this efficient learning experience has been completed. This will guide learners who wish to continue their practice, while being unsure of where to go next.

App Learning Journey

The learning journey is entirely self-paced and adapted for people with busy schedules. The application can be used on the go, anywhere, any time. Employees get one-year premium access to a variety of learning journeys linked to improving self-awareness and psychological well-being.

Mindfulness essentials:

Understanding mindfulness and self-awareness, and what gets in the way of mental wellness.

Mental well-being essentials:

Learning a framework for understanding the basics of mental well-being and taking positive action towards life purpose and values.

Sleep suite:

Exploring the relationship between sleep, health, and well-being; discovering rituals and unlocking a range of high-tech sleep support techniques.

Stress and resilience:

Understanding the causes of stress, exhaustion, and anxiety, and developing the ability to bounce back from setbacks. And more.

Why Choose the Awakened Mind?

Simple and user-Friendly
Most programs come with a facilitator's guide with instructions on how to participate in the program as a group.
Limited commitment required
Most programs require approximately six hours of commitment from all participants over a span of six to eight weeks:
• Two hours of in-app, self-paced learning experience
• Four hours of group reflection sessions
Create a Feedback Culture: 360 Check-Ins
Our 360 check-ins tool helps your employees measure behaviours they would like to work on throughout the program.
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