Psychological Growth & Wellbeing Program


Ever wonder why you (or others) stay stuck in patterns, like rumination, anger, blame or defensiveness, that do not serve you or the situation?

This is a common issue and one that can keep people stuck and limit their possibilities.

To support you towards new, more beneficial ways of thinking and behaving, we have put together a powerful approach we call the Psychological Growth & Wellbeing Program, a comprehensive, research-based learning journey that leverages mindfulness and neuroscience.

More than any other management training course, this program has helped me manage my team, their moods, and mine, preserve my focus and calm my mind.”


Psychological Growth & Wellbeing Program

This program will allow you to:

Identify and reduce unproductive habits, beliefs and behaviours:

By developing new levels of self-awareness and self-leadership, looking at your blindspots, exploring your beliefs, and understanding habit loops you will be able to evolve and initiate lasting change.

Move towards what is truly important to you:

We help you connect with what really matters to you and make commitments and develop habits based on your deeply held values.

Elevate your well-being:

Experience how the regular practice of mindfulness, meditation, gratitude and self-care can elevate your overall wellbeing.

The program includes expert guidance from qualified and seasoned facilitators to help you explore evidence-based material, experiential practices, and peer interactions for a deep and holistic learning experience.

The approach is flexible and customized to each individual’s needs and what they choose to move towards in their professional or personal life.

Experience, elevate, and evolve to a new level of psychological and physical wellbeing.


Session 1: Attentive Presence
Session 2: Habits Loop and Growth Mindset
Session 3: ACT Matrix - Your Intention
Session 4: Unconscious patterns
Session 5: Allow and Acceptance
Session 6: Fears and Limiting Beliefs
Session 7: Finalizing Your ACT Matrix - Your Commitment
Session 8: Self-Compassion and Integration