The Mindful Leader

Learning Journey

Beyond KNOWING and DOING, the next frontier for leaders and organizations is to invest in BEING.

Many leaders and teams are currently suffering due to increased stress, information overload, rapid and ongoing turbulence, reduced sense of purpose, eroding values and work-life imbalance.

By instilling self-awareness, values, self-regulation and compassion, our leadership development strategies address the psychological root causes of multiple leadership challenges.

Achieving lasting change requires the right design, context and commitment. Therefore, we rely only on the most rigorous, evidence-based leadership research and practices to deliver inspiring, work-based learning journeys. This approach leverages “micro-learning” to zero in on the most critical mindsets and skill sets identified by organization and leaders.

This proven leadership program using the Mindful LeaderTM methodology was created by best-selling author Michael Bunting to cultivate integrity, vision, discipline and sincere care for the people that can support the organization’s transformation journey towards healthy performance.
The Leadership Development Journey consolidates the very best in transformational leadership skills. It includes the latest research in the fields.

Leaders learn to:

Develop their self-awareness and presence to make wiser decisions;
Connect to their values and purpose, which can serve as a compass;
Respond with intentionality and accountability rather than react on autopilot;
Recognize beliefs, fears and assumptions that hold us back from expressing our intent;
Feel safe and grounded enough to manage with compassion, curiosity and openness.