Transformational Leadership Program – The Mindful Leader

Our partnership with The Mindful Leader aims to connect the worlds of well-being and leadership. Together, our work centers on self and team leadership. It blends live interactive sessions and self-paced digital learning experiences, all with mindfulness as our foundation.

About the The Mindful Leader Program

The development of the The Mindful Leader offering is rooted in evidence. For over 30 years, the team, along with their founder Michael Bunting, and in collaboration with leadership experts Kouzes and Posner, has been studying mindful leadership.   They have collected data from over 5000 individual case studies, 70 countries, and 5 million respondents.  

The The Mindful Leader Learning Journeys incorporate both live facilitations and self-paced digital learning experiences.

The Awakened Mind App

The Awakened Mind App is designed as a support tool to assist companies with their health and well-being initiatives. It is also a scalable and cost-effective way to drive engagement. It offers a variety of educational and practical content for leaders, employees, teams and individuals, all incorporating advanced and well-researched frameworks on leadership, behavioural science, organizational development, and psychology.

The App as a Stand-Alone

The Awakened Mind mobile application was designed as a support tool to assist you with mental well-being and team development initiatives. Awakened Mind provides a variety of educational and practical content your employees can use as individuals or as teams.

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The Mindful Leader

This proven leadership program using the Mindful LeaderTM methodology was created by best-selling author Michael Bunting to cultivate integrity, vision, discipline and sincere care for the people that can support the organization’s transformation journey towards healthy performance.

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Current Challenge

Today, leaders and employees are facing many challenges:

Misaligned leadership:

77% of leaders think they are good at engaging their team, while 88% of employees disagree.

Low Development Focus:

Cultures who do not strategically invest in employee development are 11% less profitable, and twice as likely to lose people.


It is estimated that a staggering 33% of time spent in workplaces is wasted on image management and politics.

Stress and anxiety:

21% of employees have taken time off work in the last 12 months because they felt stressed, anxious, depressed or mentally unhealthy.

The Mindful Leader program is a scalable tool for mastering a values based, developmental culture. It teaches skills and practices for developing psychologically safe, present, empowered, accountable and mentally resilient teams.

The Mindful Leader Program Details

The Mindful Leader is a digital blended program, combining live interactive facilitated sessions with self-paced digital learning modules. There are eight live facilitation sessions and eight self-paced learning modules.
This program is designed for leaders and their teams.

Leaders may choose to be trained on how to facilitate the program, so that it can be rolled out across entire organisations, cascading from senior leadership teams all the way to front line associates. The program can also be taken by single teams.

The Mindful Leader was designed as a scalable tool that can benefit everyone, cascading from senior leadership teams all the way to front line associates.
Total commitment:

The program’s pace is determined by the frequency of the group meetings scheduled by the facilitator. For optimal results, we recommend that group meetings be scheduled at regular, two-week intervals. Overall duration: Approximately 26 hours over 16 weeks.