Sylvie Morrissette

Certified Coach, Organizational Mindfulness Facilitator


With over 25 years of experience in sales, entrepreneurship, and management, Sylvie is a seasoned business strategist, certified business coach, and organizational mindfulness facilitator. She’s committed to crafting tailored solutions that align with each organization’s unique context.

Sylvie seamlessly merges self-awareness and self-leadership principles and practices with proven sales and business strategies to drive exceptional growth and employee performance.


Sylvie firmly advocates for personal insight and growth as an investment to nurture a culture of authenticity and personal accountability. This enhances emotional intelligence within organizations, which ultimately leads to more effective decision-making and healthy, optimized teams and organizational performance.

Her commitment to cultivating mindful and conscious leadership not only supports current business success but also cultivates the foresight and expertise necessary for future excellence. The result is sustainable growth, improved retention rates, and the establishment of robust, forward-thinking strategies within organizations.

Sylvie Morrissette - Mindsmatter