Nicolò F Bernardi

Coach and facilitator


Nicolò F Bernardi, PhD, ACC is a coach and facilitator with a broad range of experiences spanning organizational development, neuroscience research and mindfulness-based stress reduction.

Creating organizational cultures where extraordinary results happen on a daily basis is Nicolò’s mission. We all have to some extent a gap between the mindset and behaviors we aspire to have and the actual mindset and behaviors we display.

We see everyday how, left unchecked, that gap expands, and even explodes when we are faced with the intense challenges and stressful demands of the modern workplace.

Working with Nicolò means closing that gap. You will strengthen your ability for mindfulness, self-awareness and accountability, right in the midst of your daily action.

You will develop daily habits of mental and physical resilience. Working with Nicolò will support you in building a mindset that is flexible, strategic and courageous.