Cultivating Awareness —
Fostering Healthy Performance

Who we are

Mindsmatter is a deliberately developmental, mindfulness-based, consciousness-focused consulting and training firm that supports employee, leader, and organizational wellbeing. We partner with organizations to develop their people and shape their strategy, organizational design and systems to cultivate cultures that embody higher levels of consciousness and enable healthy performance.



At Mindsmatter, our deepest passion is to help individuals train their minds and adopt sustainable behaviours that have positive personal and collective impacts. We rely on rigorous, evidence-based adult development strategies to deliver learning journeys that target highly impactful mindsets and skill sets.


Our distinctive approach to developing self leadership, or vertical competencies, allows professionals and leaders to significantly strengthen their ability to best respond to complexity and uncertainty. This mental and emotional agility helps develop self-awareness and a sense of agency.


Transforming an existing corporate culture to improve collective well-being and consciousness requires a systemic and comprehensive processes to understand competing forces and natural levers. We help organizations clarify their intent and path forward through exploration, prototyping and scaling when deemed appropriate.


Coaching is now identified as a critical leadership and management competency for employees of all levels, because it can support them in their development plans.

Companies of all sizes have come to witness how coaching can improve organizational resiliency and effectiveness in change.